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Typos and “PUGS” errors crop up everywhere! In signs, church bulletins, restaurant menus, professionally published books … even our own manuscripts, no matter how many times we proofread them! Some of these mistakes are embarrassing; others can be rather amusing; every once in a while, they’re laugh-out-loud funny.

Below are some “typo sightings” you may enjoy reading about. If you catch an interesting error in your own writing, or in something that could not be easily traced to a particular individual, please use the Contact page to send it in. If it’s interesting (and appropriate), we may add it to this page.


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I found an error in the King James Version of the Bible I have on my Kindle. In Matthew 2:17 and 27:9, Jeremiah the prophet is referred to as “Jeremy the prophet.” (submitted by Janet Kerr, www.faithfulproofreading.com)

My mom’s church one time had a sign that read “We love hurting people.” They meant that they love people who are hurting but it didn’t read that way. It was pretty hilarious for an outsider though. (submitted by Allison)

A billboard for a fast-food restaurant on a highway outside of Mt. Airy, NC, read, “YOU ARE ON THE ROAD TO HAPPINESSS! EXIT HERE.” So, if I’m on the road to happiness, why would I exit? (submitted by Vie Stallings Herlocker)

Ad in farm classifieds: “For sale. Truck with extra-long bed and big wench.” I hope he meant “winch.” (submitted by Linda Bonney Olin)

In a blog post: “Attention pastors and pastor’s wives … this is a great book to give to your staff for Christmas.” What kind of book would be great for a pastor who has multiple wives? (submitted by Kathy Ide)

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